Turn your designs in to real native apps

With Pixelmost, you build your designs on the framework known as Appmost. Appmost is a cutting-edge app building platform that enables quick design and development of native iOS and Android apps. So, with Pixelmost, you always have the option to bring your designs to life as real apps.

Design for the future

With traditional UX/UI platforms like Figma and Canva, you have powerful tools for designing UIs and mockups for apps. However, transforming those designs into real, native apps typically requires dedicated developers to convert the designs into code.

With Pixelmost and its underlying platform, Appmost, you possess the technology to instantly convert those designs into working apps. This seamless transition is possible because the format used for the designs is the same as that used for actual apps. By utilizing Appmost, we can quickly import your designs into our Studio and begin implementing the necessary logic and features to evolve your designs into fully functional apps.

Appmost for macOS

App management tool

An additional benefit of utilizing the same framework for both design and app development is simplified maintenance. If you need to update the app later, it's as straightforward as the initial design process. Simply make your updates in Pixelmost, and these changes can once again be transformed into app form, with all new functionality preserved.

Reusable components and quality

Since both Pixelmost and Appmost utilize reusable components, we can ensure maximum quality and performance. Reusing widely tested components and views allows the apps to achieve high performance levels and fewer bugs.

An app built with Pixelmost

Seamless Collaboration between Design and Development

Pixelmost, being free for basic use with a premium subscription for full features, and Appmost, serving both as an app agency and the name of our unified platform, offer a unique collaboration opportunity. If you've designed an app in Pixelmost, you can engage Appmost to leverage the shared platform, transitioning your design seamlessly into a fully functional app, complete with all the necessary functionality.

This blend of design and development tools not only streamlines the app creation process but also enhances the efficiency and creativity of both designers and developers. Welcome to the future of app development - where your vision can swiftly turn into reality.

The partnership between Pixelmost and Appmost goes beyond mere app development. It embodies a holistic approach to digital product creation, where design and functionality converge seamlessly. This synergy not only accelerates the development process but also ensures that the end product is coherent, user-friendly, and highly performant.

Our mission is to democratize app development, making it accessible to designers and visionaries who may not have coding expertise. By bridging this gap, we open the door to innovative app ideas that might otherwise remain unrealized. With Appmost and Pixelmost, the journey from concept to launch is smoother, faster, and more collaborative than ever before.

Key Features

One of the cornerstone features of Appmost is its intuitive interface, which empowers users to add complex functionalities to their apps without writing a single line of code. From integrating APIs to setting up databases, everything is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward.

Additionally, Pixelmost's design tools are crafted to be as flexible and versatile as possible, accommodating a wide range of design aesthetics from minimalist to intricate. This ensures that your app not only functions seamlessly but also stands out visually in the crowded app market.

Security and scalability are also at the heart of Appmost. We understand that as your app grows in popularity, its infrastructure needs to adapt. Therefore, we've built Appmost to be highly scalable, supporting your app's growth every step of the way while maintaining top-notch security standards to protect your users' data.

What Our Clients Say

"Jonas and Appmost not only stand for perfect delivery, but also serve excellently as a creative sounding board to ensure the best possible solution. Thanks for a great collaboration!" - Johan Berndtsson, CEO Ambition

"Very professional treatment where we were helped to develop an app for documentation within the construction industry. The app was completed on the promised time and the functionality was exactly what we requested. Fast, smooth, efficient." - Daniel Olsson, Co-founder DC Wäst

"Appmost has definitely lived up to our expectations, with a high degree of professionalism and guidance throughout the process. Importantly for us, was also that we could ask some quick questions during the process – and Appmost's response time is super short and they are always ready with great service..." - Daniela, Business Unit Manager, Simonsen & Weel

"Smooth and quick way to get an app on both App Store and Google Play. In a short time, we could offer our customers an app that contains both useful information and push notifications with the help of Appmost." - Erik Finné, CIO Factoringgruppen

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